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Wardrobe Workhorses
September 7, 2010, 19:59
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Honestly, it took very little time to narrow down my wardrobe workhorses. There are a few things in my closet that I just couldn’t live without or really, really don’t want to; if you took these things away from me, my wardrobe would be dramatically different and less pleasing to me. The go-to items that I consider workhorses are: pencil skirts, belts, and cardigans. At any given time [during the school year] I’m wearing at least one of those items and probably more than one.

Honorable Mention (although these, perhaps, are less vital to my wardrobe and more vital to me feeling like *me*) goes to: The color gray. pockets, and my watch. Picking a color might be stretching it, but I couldn’t live without that color. It’s my neutral of choice and it makes me sad to think of my world without gray! Likewise, I need pockets. I can’t function without a place to put the keys for my classroom and also a place to stick my hands. Outfits without pockets seem like they’re missing something and I’m always excited when I find dresses with hidden pockets! And watches, they keep me sane. If I’m not wearing a watch I spend most of my time wondering what time it is. The solution is, of course, to wear a watch which I do at all times. I’ve been this way since high school and truly have trouble functioning without one. I sometimes take it off for pictures (false advertising?) or when I’m in the sun (hello, awesome tan line) but that’s about it. If I accidentally leave the house without it I either suffer from a meltdown or, if at all possible, turn around it get it. I’m addicted.


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