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Hello Madrid.
June 9, 2010, 17:17
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I have a confession to make. In the summer, my footwear of choice needs to be comfortable and easy. I rarely wear heals or any other “nice” shoes. I don’t even like flats. Sure, I’ll dress up for a wedding or other occasion but my day-to-day footwear is casual, casual, casual. Like, flip flop casual.

I know that fashion bloggers hate them and think that they shouldn’t be seen outside of the locker room. I thought long and hard about them after reading a recent blog post that tried to put them in their place. I even felt guilty for wearing them for a few days but I’ve decided that I’m comfortable with their place in my wardrobe. I wear heels for most of the school year so when summer rolls around I want to be casual. I even like the way they look! They’re colorful and cheap and you can hose them off after playing in wet grass. In an attempt to diversify my summer footwear, I recently purchased these. Birkenstocks. I love Birks but recognize that most people don’t. Those people are wrong, obviously, but they exist in large numbers. Are these as bad as flip flops? Probably to people in the know they’re worse. But I’m happy and so are my feet.