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thoughts from june/july
July 10, 2010, 17:02
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1. I’m a terrible blogger in the summer; I have way too much free time and nothing I really want to say! Maybe that explains my lack of posts? I think about posting often but just don’t get around to it. I’d promise to do better but honestly, I wouldn’t even believe me!

2. I don’t love being a teacher. I don’t even really like it most days – it’s a paycheck. I do love summer vacation though! No alarm clocks going off at 5:30am, no parent-teacher conferences, no grading (or procrastinating on the grading). By the time September rolls around, I’ll actually be ready to get back to the classroom. Maybe.

3. My students did awesome on their AP test! I was concerned because, as great as I am (no false modesty here!), this was the first year that I taught AP Environmental Science and I was working from scratch. Scores came out on Monday and I was floored – I had a 63% pass rate! That doesn’t sound great, but the national average is 50%. Yay them, and yay me!

4. One month until our big summer vacation. 8 days on St. John in the USVI. I can’t wait. Too bad it will also mean that summer is coming to an end. I’m not going to think about that though. Nope, not at all.

5. I’m amazed by how nicely all the fashion bloggers look over the summer. I’m ecstatic to have my summers off but my fashion sense seems to take a nosedive when I don’t have to look nice. I look decent when I go out, but much of my time is spent working on the house or in the backyard. My usual uniform is shorts or a jean skirt and a t-shirt with flip-flops. Functional, but nothing noteworthy.

6. The Birkenstocks I posted about last month? They’re awesome! I like to think they’re a step above flip-flops but even more comfortable. I think I need another pair but I can’t decide between brown and black. Both? That seems excessive… But would I let that stop me?

7. This heat is killing me.

8.  Because of said heat, Zach and I have been ingesting entirely too much homemade ice cream.  I try to fool myself into thinking that the homemade version is more natural (it is) and therefore healthier (maybe) but the quantities are definitely not.  Flavors tried thus far:  Sour Cream (much better than it sounds), Lager (eh), Stout (pretty good), and Smores (the mix-ins didn’t mix in so well).  Which leads me to my next thought…

8. P90X. I’m pretty sure the P stands for painful. My husband and I are working through it together and wow… It’s pretty intense. We both felt that we were looking a little soft this summer and I’ve always had a soft spot for crazy infomercial exercise programs; at least this one is better than Richard Simmons. I think might be in a little over my head.


May Seventeenth
May 17, 2010, 20:07
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Today’s weather report: chilly and really, really rainy. No pictures today. Hopefully it will be a little less wet outside tomorrow. Is it bad that I was lazy getting dressed this morning simply because I knew I wouldn’t be photographing it? Probably. Welcome to real life.

I happened upon this post over the weekend and wow, did it hit home. Go read it. Now. I should probablly commit to reading that article on a daily basis because I know I have my priorities screwed up when it comes to body image. I’ve struggled with it for years and it’s always been something I thought I’d just grow out of. That doesn’t seem to be happening. Every now and then I need reality to slap me in the face and that article does it quite nicely, thank you very much. Health and happiness are so much more important than any concern I may have over my inner thighs touching. And even though I know that’s true, why is that so hard to really believe? I really thought that I’d be over this type of thinking by this point in my life.