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September Eighth
September 9, 2010, 19:45
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shirt, pants, necklace: J. Crew
shoes: Kork-Ease

I really surprised that I ended up wearing pants on the second day of school. I think I maybe wore pants five times last year, emphasis on maybe. It’s quite possible that I’m overestimating! I go in waves; when I first started teaching I wore nothing but pants. And Birkenstocks. Seven pairs. And turtleneck sweaters. Are you cringing yet?! You’re going to have to trust me when I tell you that I lived in the mountains and while my wardrobe wasn’t even slightly fashionable, I fit in. And I was comfortable! After we moved I started to unconsciously gravitate towards more skirts and heels. The school I moved to (and am still at) is slightly dressier than the one I left so my wardrobe changes make sense. Looking forward, I’m hoping to strike a better balance this year between skirts/dresses and pants. They both have their place and it gives my looks more variety.

To be honest, I didn’t buy the pants because I wanted a well-rounded closet. That sounds good, but I bought them because the looked nice on and were $8.50. At J. Crew. Of course at that price I got a khaki pair too. So selecting these pants was less of a conscious decision and more of a happy accident. I’m going to enjoy them either way!


May Ninth
May 9, 2010, 11:38
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shirt: thrifted in Hawaii
sweater: Chelsea & Theodore (from Ross)
jeans: Express
belt: from Rugged Wearhouse
flip flops: Havaianas

I don’t usually take weekend pictures because my looks usually leave a lot to be desired in my eyes. They’re repetive and comfortable, but not particularly interesting. I feel like being honest about that though, so a weekend picture was in order. That, and the weather was nice and the camera was handy and I was wearing my Hawaiian shirt. I got this when we were in Hawaii two years ago and I think it’s my favorite souvineer ever. It’s probably also one of the cheapest – it’s a vintage shirt from a thrift store on Kauai. I wasn’t sure that it was quite my style at the time but I’m so glad that I went for it.

This weekend ended up being pretty awesome. We did a whole lot of nothing but it felt really good. The four hour nap I took on Saturday didn’t hurt either! We did some antiquing/thrifting on Sunday and managed to find exactly what we were looking for (a chair for the kitchen – we found an antique church pew that’s perfect) at a decent price which never, ever happens. It even inspired me to do some cleaning when we got home! That’s amazing.

March Twenty-Seventh
March 27, 2010, 21:27
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pants: J. Crew, tank: F21, shirt: Faded Glory, jacket: Ralph Lauren, shoes: Bronx

This is what Saturday looks like. I took Friday off (hence no post yesterday – I was bumming around the house and Lowes) but had school today. Yes, school on Saturday. What is the world coming to?! It wasn’t really school-school, it was a prep session for AP science students in my county. Aside from having to give up a weekend day, it’s actually a pretty cool program. All I have to do is show up – no teaching or prep. work involved. I like my AP students (AP Environmental Science) a ton so spending some extra time with them isn’t too painful. Still, I’m glad there’s only one more left. I need my weekends!

After staring into my closet for so long that I was absolutely going to late, I decided to try the whole denim with denim thing that’s supposed to be big this season. Surprise, I didn’t hate it like I thought I would! I don’t think I could do it if the shades of blue were the same or even similar but with dark blue and faded blue it seemed to work. I think. Wearing it didn’t bother me so I guess it was a success. It will probably happen again.

March 17, 2010, 21:51
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St. Patrick’s Day. I think this is the only green in my closet.  At least it’s the only green that I’m willing to wear.  The outfit is fine, comfortable; I’d wear it again.  I tend to feel strange wearing jeans to school but I think I managed to look decently professional with them on.  Not that the students care.  The shoes were great but alas, they didn’t make it into the photo.  Live and learn.  The dandelion is definitely my favorite part.  The husband picked it for me.  He’s sweet!  Or maybe he was weeding the yard…  I’ll never know.  Either way, I’m glad that spring is here for the next few days!  I thought winter would never end and I’m anxious to become reacquainted with my spring and summer clothes. I actually pulled out the boxes and looked through them.  I’m not sure I’m ready to make the leap though; I’d hate to start wearing them and then have to go back to the cold-weather clothing.  I don’t think I could handle that!

Posing for pictures isn’t as easy as it looks.  I’m hoping it becomes more natural with time!

Pants: Express, Shirt: the Limited, Cardigan: NY and Co., Belt: Goodwill