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September Seventh
September 8, 2010, 14:14
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tank: Romeo & Juliet
sweater: J. Crew
skirt: J. Crew
belt: Target
shoes: J. Crew
(Obviously, I did some school shopping at J. Crew.)

I survived the first day of school! 180 more to go. Not that I’m counting or anything…

I felt comfortable/like me in this outfit (always important on the first day of school) and it came together quickly thankgoodness; I’ve been known to stand in front of my closet for hours the night before school starts with a blank look on my face. Actually, I’ve been known to do that on other occasions too. They’re not my finest moments. Lets move on.

And in reference to the wardrobe workhorses post from yesterday, I’m wearing all three: pencil skirt, cardigan, and belt. Very me. The belt kept slipping around though (no belt loops on the skirt) so I had to adjust it quite a bit during the day. I like the look but I’m not sure I’ll wear it again, maybe with double-sided tape…


May Twentieth
May 21, 2010, 09:08
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tank top: Kenar
skirt: ABS Essentials
flip flops: Old Navy

One bad day for me + one bad day for my husband = going out for supper. At a restaurant an hour and 15 minutes away. Perhaps not the wisest thing we’ve ever done, but I think it cheered us up a little. We both needed it.

These pictures didn’t turn out so well. It was hard to find a location to take the pictures and the lighting wasn’t good so I look washed out but I’m posting them anyway. They definitely don’t do justice to the shirt I was wearing. The print is amazing (I think) and it has a metal zipper on the back. I’m a sucker for exposed zippers. I usually debate with myself quite a bit before buying something (I’m that cheap) but there was almost no debate over this. It went something like this:

I love those colors! And pattern! Oh, a zipper! Swoon.
How much is it?
Oh, that’s more than I usually spend on a tank top…
But it’s amazing! I love it!
Geez, get a room already. And put it in the cart.

True story.

May Eighteenth
May 18, 2010, 16:58
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skirt: Tulle
shirt: from Marshalls
jacket: Ralph Lauren
tights: Hue
shoes: rsvp

I have a love/hate relationship with linen. I love the way it looks and the relaxed vibe it gives off but I could really do without the wrinkles that show up immediately after you’ve gotten dressed. Taking this picture at the end of a long day probably wasn’t the best idea either. The skirt looks awful and you’re going to have to trust me when I tell you that I ironed it before school this morning! You certainly can’t tell by looking at the pictures…

May Fourteenth
May 14, 2010, 20:48
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sweater: Kersh
tank: Romeo & Juliet
skirt: Grace Elements
shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction

It’s Friday and the final day of Dress Your Best Week. This has been such an interesting, enlightening, and thought-provoking experience. I’ve loved reading what other people had to say about themselves and their favorite features. Everyone has something (or in this case, five things) worthy of celebrating. I’ve enjoyed thinking about my features in a positive way instead of focusing on aspects of myself that I’m less than happy with; why is that always our default setting?! In addition, I know I’ve found a few new blogs that I’ll be reading on a regular basis. Thanks Academichic for have such a great idea and encouraging other bloggers to participate along with you!

My final favorite feature is my clavicle and shoulders. They don’t do anything special but I like the way they stand out. They’re prominent. They make me feel strong, powerful, and maybe a little sexy. Sexy isn’t usually something I do, at least not well. I’m more of a cute girl. But if I (or maybe just my shoulders…) manage to look slightly sexy now and then I’m not going to complain.

And being that it’s Friday, I’m now going to sign off and go enjoy spending some quality time with my husband. I’m not used to doing daily posts so five in a row has taken a bit of effort! It’s been great though, really. Thanks to all the people who stopped by and to those who commented too. Come back any time! Have a great weekend, folks!

May Eleventh
May 11, 2010, 20:32
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cardigan: from Marshalls
tank: from Marshalls
skirt: Tulle
shoes: Madeline Stuart

It’s day two of Dress Your Best week at academichic and while I focused on my legs yesterday, today I wanted to focus on my coloring. I love my dark hair/light skin combination. I used to say that the dark hair came from the Native American on my mom’s side of the family (that sounded so exotic in elementary school!), but it’s not. It, along with the light skin, come from the Polish side of my family. I inherited them both from my dad (thanks Pop!) and I love them.

I spent a few of my teen years attempting to tan without much success but I’m over that. Now as long as I remember to put on SPF 30 I’m good to go. My hair on the other had has given me more and more trouble as I get older and it won’t be getting any better. I started going gray when I was in college and now, at 28, I’m probably one third gray. I guess that’s what I get for complaining about my head getting hot in the sun… The whole graying process comes from my dad too since he was fully gray by the time he turned 30. Thanks again, Pop. Side note: I probably have 10x more gray hair than my mom and she has a 30 year head start. She enjoys pointing this out. For now I dye it but I won’t do that forever; I’m just not ready to embrace that much gray hair yet. Lest I sound too superficial, I’m not embarrassed or even particularly bothered by it (trust me, I let my roots grow out way, way too far), I’m just not ready to be gray yet. It doesn’t feel like me. I’ll reevaluate when I’m 40!

May 5, 2010, 16:57
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sweater: Chelsea & Theodore
tank: from Marshalls
skirt: Express
shoes: dani black

Atlanta was cool and I’m glad we took a long weekend to check the city out. I could definitely see us heading to Georgia in the future (I say that about all the places we visit – last summer we were ready to pack up and move to Utah. or Arizona. or Nevada. you get the idea). Now we’re back to “real life” and I can’t say that I’m totally enjoying it. I think that the weekend away spoiled me; I’m ready for summer vacation. I know it’s coming, but I want it now! Of course, that means that I need to plan a vacation and I haven’t quite managed to do that yet. We don’t even know where we want to go (aside from everywhere, of course). Maybe I just want some change in my life.

In the meantime, school has most of my attention as we get ready for the upcoming exams. My AP students test next week and the Earth Science students test the following week. I usually start to push the boundaries of work appropriate clothing as we get closer to the end of the school year too. This skirt, for example, is too short for school (according to the dress code which I choose to ignore on a semi-regular basis). I wore it anyway. I’ve also been known to wear flip flops. Or shorts (nice ones though). I’m such a rule-breaker!

April 26, 2010, 19:45
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jacket: Ralph Lauren
skirt: Liz Claiborne
shirt: F21
belt: Target
scarf: from Ross
sunglasses: Fossil

Random Monday Thoughts:

They say you learn something new everyday. Today I learned that I need to get my hair cut; my bangs look awful! I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get an appointment in this week but it needs to be done soon. I guess that’s a downside to short hair – it needs to be cut more often if I want it to stay short. My hair seems to be getting greasy more quickly too (is that too much information? greasy hair is gross, I know.) but I’m attributing that to a shampoo change that just wasn’t meant to be. I’m switching back. Tomorrow!

The aviators are new. I had to stop at Marshall’s after school to pick up dress socks for Z. and I couldn’t leave without picking these up. I’ve seen more people wearing aviators this spring and they’re definitely different from my other sunglasses. These are big but glasses that are too small just don’t look good on my face. I’ve tried, it doesn’t turn out well. I think I like them. I had been toying with the idea of getting a pair of Ray-Bans (Jackie Ohhs in red) but I just don’t think I can rationalize the cost. I broke three (yeah, three) pairs of sunglasses when we were in Hawaii two years ago and I have no reason to think that I’m any more careful today than I was back then. I think I’m destined for sunglasses that cost less than $15. Sad, maybe. But at least I don’t have to hate myself if something happens to them.